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Khaya Marketing is a marketing company which specializes in a vast number of services which include promotions, branding and events. The company prides itself on offering superior quality service to clients. Such quality services are achieved through our dedicated and committed team that has a positive energy, and passion for its work. Khaya Marketing intends to engage and excite your target market to optimize the best outcome, assist brands to connect with their audience with the aid of mobile technology, social media exposure, and brand campaigns. Our mission is to consistently create and deliver outstanding marketing activities in order to provide the highest level of services to our clients, and the consumer market at large.


Revolutionary Marketing / Promotional Campaigns

Revolutionary marketing is a strategic marketing method which engages consumer’s, invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of the brand. With the aid of a reliable skilled promoters we intend to establish a long lasting relationship between brands and the consumers. We provide outstanding planning, implementation, execution and compliance for any marketing campaign. Our aim is to successfully leave the brand within the hearts and lips of the customers, to create a free marketing strategy called word of mouth. Location of such services vary as follows: • On Premise/On Con • Off Premise/In-Store • Hostesses • Golf Days • Trade Shows • Social, Sporting and Cultural campaigns and events • Township, Tavern & Shebeens • Lifestyle Activation • Product Launches • Shopping Mall Campaigns


Through our reliable service providers and team, Khaya Marketing is able to provide branded promotional items, gifts, t shirts, instant branded photos, etc.


Photography is the best way to connect with your audience especially through social media platforms. We deliver the best professional services in order to leave the client and the attended audience with great memories.

Market Analysis

Most business are always not clear with whom their target market is. Who are you trying to reach, does the target group ever refer to everyone? Age group? Gender? It must be clear that everyone has their own preference in relation to product or brand. Khaya Marketing will help best associate you product or service with the correct target group and help best beat your competitors with our innovative ideas and grow your services even broader.

Company Registration

We also assist new companies get registered, obtain Tax Clearance, Company Profiles, BEE Certificates, Logo Designs, Business Cards, Social Networking, etc. We do not only want to see existing businesses grow but we also want to assist in terms of establishing the new business. Whatever your desire is, Khaya Marketing will go an extra mile to make it come true for you.


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Managing Director

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Site Manager / Promoter

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